Time's Champion is an un-authorised novel based upon a story by the late author Craig Hinton and completed by his friend Chris McKeon. The story is a thematic sequel to Hinton's earlier Millennial Rites and The Quantum Archangel, and to The Trial of a Time Lord. It was published as an unauthorised publication with all profits going to the British Heart Foundation (a charity chosen by Hinton's family).

Publisher's summary Edit


2008: John Benton is celebrating his birthday by having a few friends

round to his house at Hilsley Halt. But the monsters are lurking.

1908: Writer George Mackenzie-Trench is suffering from writer’s block unable to foresee the ending of his novel, Time’s Champion, nor the consequences of its completion.

9908: The planet Caliban is under attack from Cyber-forces, and governor "George Mackenzie-Trench" intends to save their world by unleashing Abaddon, a powerful computer virus. But Abaddon has other instructions.

Meanwhile Gallifrey is under attack and the Keeper is seeking answers within the Matrix. President Romana is helpless: no-one is who they seem and the conspiracy goes even deeper than she can imagine. She needs the Doctor...

But the Doctor is on Earth in 2008, fighting to save the life of a child who must survive at all costs.

As Gallifrey is attacked by ghosts from the past, the Doctor, Mel and Benton find themselves in the middle of an epic and final battle as the ancient Gods choose their Champions and allow chaos to reign across all of time and space.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

  • Paul Kairos
  • Arlene Kairos
  • The Chaplain of Spite/Cardinal Leofrique DeSable
  • Madame Clacice Beauvier
  • Jorvic Chen
  • Abbadon
  • Christina Melanie Kairos

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Notes Edit

  • Although the Valeyard indicates the Gods are higher cosmically than the Guardians, the authors have indicated that the Gods are in fact elite Eternals created by the Guardians to succeed them as Guardians in the next universe.

  • The novel indicates that the War Chief is an "early incarnation" of the Master. (The Co-author Chris McKeon speculates that exposure to the nuclear blast at the conclusion of Timewyrm: Exodus restores him from his "deformed Kriegsleiter version" to his normal appearance in The War Games. Following this, this incarnation eventually regenerates in the version seen during the UNIT Years),
  • An early draft of the novel would have featured The Monk as a primary antagonist, and depicted his television incarnation’s (DW: The Time Meddler) into regeneration in the "Death’s Champion version" (from the novel NA: No Future). As the novel stands currently, the sixth Doctor and Mel have just tangled with the Monk.

Publication history Edit

In 2000 an American writer and fan of Doctor Who Chris McKeon submitted a story to Big Finish Productions, known as 'The Seventh Door' exploring elements of Remembrance of the Daleks and featured revelations concerning the Valeyard and the Seventh Doctor, this story was rejected by Big Finish. Undeterred McKeon continued to work on another story featuring the Valeyard and began to investigate other authors who had successfully written stories featuring the Valeyard.

While investigating previous authors' efforts to feature the Valeyard, McKeon discovered Hinton's novels and the two met online in Doctor Who forums to discuss the Valeyard. This correspondence led to McKeon learning of Hinton's intent to write a novel Time's Champion for the BBC Past Doctor Adventures, which was to feature both the Sixth Doctor's regeneration and the origins of the Valeyard.

However in 2004 the novel was rejected by the BBC.[1]

The decision to reject Hinton's novel led McKeon to return to his earlier (rejected) Valeyard story concepts in the hope of eventual publication, but when he told Hinton of this, Hinton instead gave McKeon permission to complete Time's Champion itself, with the goal of working together to finish the draft for an unofficial online presentation. Before, during and after this period, Hinton and McKeon developed a strong friendship while discussing their ideas (and met personally at the 2005 GallifreyOne convention in Los Angeles), and when Hinton died on 3rd December 2006, McKeon continued by himself, determined to complete the novel in his friend's memory.

Upon Craig Hinton's death, McKeon announced his status as the co-author of Time's Champion (Hinton had previously mentioned online that he was working with another, unnamed author). Within days, McKeon was contacted by Simon Guerrier, editor of the Bernice Summerfield audio adventures at Big Finish, who expressed his interest in attempting to publish the book through the company's Short Trips anthologies. Guerrier, however, informed McKeon that the chances of clearing the book's publication with the BBC were slim, and indeed this did not materialise. However, almost immediately after, McKeon was also contacted by David Howe, owner of Telos Publishing, a publishing company which had, until 2004, produced Doctor Who novellas and later the spin-off series Time Hunter. Howe offered McKeon the chance to publish Time's Champion as an unofficial work, using Telos' printing facilities to produce the novel (though not as a Telos Publishing book), the profits of which would go to the British Heart Foundation (a charity chosen by Hinton's family, as the author had died of a heart attack). Howe himself offered to serve as the book's editor.

File:Times Champion full cover.jpg

McKeon accepted the opportunity and continued to complete the novel. In February 2007, Howe and McKeon met at the GallifreyOne convention to discuss preliminary publication details. On August 27, 2007, McKeon completed the text's first draft, which came out at 170,477 words. This, when examined by Howe, proved to be too large and very shortly thereafter McKeon went to work on the second draft with the goal to cut the word count to 90,000 words. This second attempt was completed on December 27, 2007, albeit at approximately 115,000 words. Howe began to edit this draft over in early 2008, and on February 10, 2008, McKeon received the edited third draft of Time's Champion, coming in at about 103,000 words. This text he subsequently re-read (at Howe's suggestion during their meeting at the 2008 GallifreyOne convention), and he made some final revisions. This fourth draft was returned to Howe for final editing. Howe then submitted this draft to an independent reader for further alterations. By late March, this draft had been completed and turned over to another reader for a final read-through and opinion. On July 6th, 2008, the completed text and a cover drawn by renowned Doctor Who artist Alister Pearson were turned in for final publication, and the novel was released on July 21, 2008.

Continuity Edit

  • An alternate version of the Valeyard appeared in BFDWU: He Jests at Scars.... The authorial intent is the Valeyard of this story is the version from the television story
  • After the Valeyard's resurrection, he becomes Jack the Ripper, which featured in PDA: Matrix, and it also explains the more homicidal behaviour which he displays.

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